Late Summer Tomato Tart.

It’s hard to say goodbye to summer. True, it was a sweaty, humid, 90-degree couple months with monsoon turns and steam room-esque subways rides, but it was summer all the same. It was patterned shorts, ice cream, beer in the afternoon, and a rainbow of produce.

And so to stave of fall for a little bit longer, I’ve decided to eat tomatoes. And really just tomatoes while they’re still ripe, sweet, rich, and…everywhere. A late summer tomato—it’s not actually fall is it?—is so good it can be eaten standing up, without silverware and with just the finest sprinkling of salt.

But while that’s raw and immediate, a late summer tomato is also divine in a tart, with just a bit of garlic and a melted crust of gruyere. It’s soft, sweet, caramelized heirloom tomato goodness ensconced in puff pastry, salted and peppered up. Whether it’s late summer or early fall, it tastes just as good as it sounds.

Recipe on the following page. 

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