Hot Green Sauce.


Going with yesterday’s theme (or apparent theme after giving that post a good re-read) is that food is a simple, great way to bring a place to you. If you can’t get on a plane, can’t hope on a boat, and certainly can’t drive (you haven’t seen me drive), then one of the best ways to bring back a vacation, or in the case of this mystikal Hot Green Sauce, bring back the place in which you grew up.

Some of you are saying, “Obviously. Have you even read a food memoir or literally any intro to any cookbook ever? That’s like the moral, ALWAYS.” To which I’d say, “Um. I should probably stop skimming things.”

Also, it’s particularly warm down here in South Florida, warm enough to make my brain go soft a little around the edges.

But this Hot Green Sauce from the Cheese Board Collective in Berkeley is…tremendous. It’s the quickest way to bring home right down to Miami, and as always, isn’t that nice when it’s also delicious?


I’ll admit, I am a recent convert to the hot green sauce in that I never actually bought a pint until my last trip back home. For those of you who are sadly Cheese Board-less in life, let me break it down, slice by slice by asiago cheese disc by cherry almond cornmeal scone. Yes, all those things reside in this magical place. Also every cheese you never thought you needed, daily rotating freshly topped pizzas, the homiest of baked goods, and hummus. Coffee, of course.

The Cheese Board is a Bay institution, and it also doubles as one of the most remarkable business models. It’s a co-op, and owned by its employees. That care carries through to every product. Some go to Cheese Board for the perfect pizzas (which you can drizzle green sauce on), those daily rotating pizza pies of perfection that sometimes are topped with cauliflower and pistachios, sometimes with kale, sometimes just straight up with cheese. Grab a slice, sit on a median, and…yes.

Not possible in Miami. But that Hot Green Sauce is. It’s cilantro and spice and garlic and more, and while it sounds like just another salsa, it’s so. Much. More.

So get with it, and get a little Cheese Board, right at home. 

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