Basil Park’s Local Fish Taquitos [Gluten-Free].

Taquito13   Does a taquito need to be rolled? If a taquito is flat, is it a true taquito? If childhood memory serves, taquitos are bought by the box from Costco and reheated with shredded cheddar mix in the oven for a delicious after school snack. Taquitos come in beef, pork, or chicken and are basically a taco cigar. What’s better for a grade-schooler than a food cigar? (Real talk: would totally still eat these cigar taquitos. If I had a Costco club membership…) These gluten-free local fish taquito’s from Sunny Isles Beach eating establishment Basil Park are more taquitos for adults in that they’re delicious, perfectly balanced mini-tacos. Pequeno tacos i.e. taquitos. The real revelation in this dish is the cashew “sour cream.” which with just cashews, liquid amino, lemon juice, nutritional yeast, and salt and pepper is one of the most deliciously creamy taco-toppers ever. With a nice fermented funk, this cashew cream has the texture of ricotta and basically I ate it on everything and by the spoonful. Head over to the Miami Herald to give these taquitos a try. They certainly made my lunch and proved to me that gluten-free means full of fresh, spicy flavor. Taquito10

Cod with Tomato Olive Compote.

What’s better than a delicious recipe that fills you up and leaves you feeling healthy and happy? One that looks super fancy and  like you slaved in a Mediterranean olive orchard, tomato field, on a Atlantic fishing boat, and over a hot stove for hours when really all you did was bake something for 15 minutes and sauté a handful of ingredients for just as long. Part one in a continual series of dishes that look awesome, taste great, and didn’t really require that much effort. Recipe, here