Kaya Toast with a Poached Egg.

Kaay2 Kaya1

Let’s be honest—there’s nothing that makes a better food picture than a poached or soft boiled egg just popped. All that oozy yolk, that richness flowing across something that’s sure to have just gotten all the more delicious. It’s practically food photo cheating and I’m happy to admit my guilt. Because after these shots were taken, I got to partake in something that was even more tasty than it looks. For every shot of an oozing egg, there is a happy tummy.

So…sri kaya. It’s coconut jam that’s some magical mixture of egg yolks, coconut, and sugar and it cooks down into something the texture of a smooth caramel or unpasteurized honey. It’s sweet and coconut delicious and is perfect on everything from toast to pancakes to yogurt to ice cream. Probably even more, but I can hardly wait for the amount of time it takes to toast something because this jam is so delicious. I’d eat it on crackers, or off a spoon…

As tasty as sri kaya is, it gets a little weird. One way to eat it, as popularized in Southeast Asia, is on buttered toast and dipped into a soft boiled egg. Susan Feniger’s LA restaurant STREET takes it a bit further and tops it all off with a rich soy sauce and white pepper. Having just acquired a jar of Hey Boo Coconut Jam from the stinky cheese heaven known as the Bedford Cheese Shop, I pulled together a version of kaya toast and while it may sound a little weird, man it’s good. The creaminess of the yolk matches the sweet richness of the jam, cut through with cultured and salted butter and spicy pepper. The  soy sauce perfectly cuts through the sugar for a salty and sweet combination. and I even dragged local mustard greens into the mix, which was a weird and delicious addition.

For all the coconut lovers out there, I can only insist that you track some of this jam down. And if you’re in the mood for something completely different, give the jam/egg/soy sauce/pepper combination a try.

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