Bacon Sausage Scones with Cheese, Chives & Masa.


Sometimes when you’ve been knowingly slacking, say when you’ve been gone from the interwebs for way too (not like that’s me or anything…), you have to do something big. And “do something big” can really only mean one thing.




Hello! I’m back. After a little venture to New York where I gained an appreciation for things that aren’t necessarily rolled and smothered with pork (only to return, clearly, once again to my natural state), followed by a trip down to Miami where sourdough really was the way of life. And goats. In mini SUVs. (That’s a story for another time, when a bit about getting a male goat, horns and all, into the back seat of a car is appropriate. Maybe when it’s a goat taco recipe.) By sourdough, I mean kilos of the stuff, hours in a pseudo bakery, time spent in the back of a delivery truck, and more than a fare share of goofing around and trying different pastry recipes in our downtime. (Which let’s be honest, wasn’t downtime, we really should’ve been doing other things like cleaning, cleaning, cleaning…prepping? But who cares about efficiency when there are sticky buns to be had? Come on.)

I find it most appropriate to re-enter any situation whether it’s blogging or you know, a room, with bacon. While off for a lovely weekend in South Carolina, I was reminded– really, my bad for ever forgetting– of the wonders of a bacon sausage scone. And as luck would have it, the next weekend there was “downtime” enough to try a batch of bacon sausage cheddar scones ourselves. While some would say that bacon and sausage fat, butter, cheese, and sour cream is excessive…wait. Why would you listen to someone that talks like that?


The key to these scones, and I really think you should follow through, for your own sconely-benefit (real word), is the pizza stone. This recipe was first tested in a deck oven with a nice stone bottom, but at home a hot pizza stone (I used a couple leftover kitchen floor tiles) creates the perfect bottom crust. With the saltly bacon, punch from a chive, and a nice added flavor from the masa harina, I pretty sure you’ll agree that they were worth wasting downtime.

Because really, how can anyone waste time when a bacon sausage cheese scone is the result?


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