Cornmeal Silver Dollar Pancakes with Blueberry Compote.


It’s pancake time. Besides the fact that you can stack ’em high like a Lego tower held together with delicious blueberry mortar, there is only one reason why you need to make pancakes, in particular these cornmeal silver dollar pancakes. They’re delicious. And they’ll brighten up any part of the day. Alright, two reasons. Recipe, here. If you’re unsure of the silver-dollar aspect of these pancakes, let me just say that the more pancakes resemble silver dollars, the tippier the pancake tower will be. Which means an awesome resemblance to everyone’s favorite tower.


Chocolate Coconut Loaf.


Sometimes, you just have to know when to cut your losses and…eat cake. One instance, which happens more than you (let’s be real “I”) would hope is when, in your smaller than average Brooklyn kitchen, the one window in the entire apartment which provides any decent light is not doing its job. Yea, sure it’s letting in a few UV rays and if we were a couple weeks along I probably would even crack the window and let some sweet, fresh air in. But those UV rays are not lighting my nicely styled food in the proper way. Even though it should be soft morning light, it’s all harsh and shadowy. Bleh.

Thankfully, as with most instances in food blogging, if the pictures aren’t turning out, at least you have something tasty to eat. And in this particularly instance, after a few failed attempts to get an overhead which finally culminated in the two slightly weird little shots you see here (backlight and looking over the back of the cake like a creepster?), I got to eat cake.

So all in all, a win.


Losses than have been cut and resulted in cake are not only to be found in the food blogging space. In simple baking, you often end up with cake. Especially when you venture into the realm of breakfast “breads.” You know what I’m talking about. Looking at you banana walnut, carrot raisin, and apple. The breads that, if we were perfectly honest, are really just cake that you can throw in the toaster and heat up, real nice. To do away with any pretense that this coconut loaf was actually bread, I added a decent sized handful of chocolate chips.

By which I mean a cupful. And let me say, it improved the “bread” quite nicely. All studded up with coconut, scented with vanilla, this really is one of the best pieces of bread a girl could have.

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Olive Oil Cake with Caramelized Pears.


This is going to have to start with an apology, because this cake isn’t new to my dessert rotation. In fact I’ve been baking, caramelizing, artfully swirling, and yes, eating this cake since I was an intern at Martha. Yup, that’s right. I’ve been hoarding this cake, all on my own. For more than half a year.

Truthfully, what’s been keeping this cake off the blog is the fact that it’s best eaten right after assembly, and that as soon as it’s assembled, everyone in sight seems to gobble it up. Cake gone. Empty platter, only. Hence, no photo evidence. And while a written recipe and a cute little story is all well and good, let’s be real. It’s better with photo evidence.

PearOlive1 PearOlive3

For this cake, you could skip the vanilla bean yogurt just like you could skip the caramelized pears. Because this cake is really perfect sliced, toasted, and spread with honey as is. It’s also good eaten unsliced, by the handful, in a style best known as starving Frenchman with a big baguette. You know, that full-on tearing into a giant loaf of something. Except, this would be me. Not-starving Brooklynite, with a loaf of cake.

Perhaps for civility, I should stick to adding the yogurt and pears. As a bonus, they are really, quite delicious. And pretty. Stacked up like little pear buildings.

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Banana Chocolate Chip Cake with Peanut Butter Frosting.


Oh hello, cake it’s been a long time.

It’s not like I’ve been ghosting as a healthy baker, cook, and eater.

No, that would be silly.  And false. Want proof? Here it is in all it’s peanut-butter-frosted, chocolate chip studded banana-scented glory. Fair warning: This cake is heavy. I’m talking maybe should have spent more time doing light reps with free weights in the gym heavy. (I found that it was less heavy once inside bellies, so perhaps the tactic here is to simply eat the cake, instead of attempting to carry it around.)


For all the lovers of banana bread out there, who maybe like to toast a slice and spread it with Nutella or peanut butter, this is the cake for you.  Because what this cake is, at it’s core, is a very moist, rich banana bread, dressed up in peanut butter frosting.

And you know what? There’s nothing wrong with that.

Recipe on the following page. 

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Chocolate Cake with Almond Flour.


It’s happened: I’ve gone healthy. Well, as healthy as a chocolate-cake for breakfast kind of person can be. And to be truthful, I’m healthiest during the 9-to-5, kind of like a dieting vampire. Abstain from the indulgence during the daylight hours and such. But who knew that better for you desserts could taste so good? With a few simple tweaks and careful portioning, this dark chocolate wonder cake can be gluten free and quite tasty. Rich enough to satisfy. Holy cow. Holy chocolate cow, where’s the milk? Head on over to BetterForYou for the recipe and to catch more recipe remakes.

Blueberry Coffee Cake Loaf.

Some of the best things to wander into a kitchen and find in the mornings are swirled and covered with streusel. Though to be fair, some of the best things ever, regardless of time and location are swirled and covered with streusel.

I’m breakfast-cake addicted, as this lemon loaf and pound cake prove. There is truly nothing better than a slice of cake for breakfast. Not that statement really needs any backing-up or further argument. It’s a slice of cake after all, and you’re only young once. Might as well eat cake for breakfast. Especially when there’s no one around to tell you not to…

This cake really isn’t anything special, save for the fact that it’s absolutely delicious. It’s a standard coffee cake, complete with streusel, except in loaf form for easy consumption. Just imagine, a slice of coffee cake on the way to class, alongside coffee, with a good book, or after a night of bar trivia. Yup. Fills in the space in your stomach left behind by pitchers.

Unfortunately, my title-machine was a bit broken. I’m going to say it was distracted by an overload of cake. Hence the hastily tagged on ‘loaf.’ Sorry. If you’re really that disappointed in my creative-naming abilities, I suggest making a cake. And having a bit for breakfast. Any disappointment will disappear, I promise.

Recipe on the following page.

Paula Deen Pound Cake.

Cake for breakfast. It’s happened again. A slice of pound cake, barely toasted and drizzled with honey sure is a great way to greet the day. I believe I’ve settled it—the correct time for cake is no longer solely post-meal for dessert but rather, as the meal, first and foremost. Breakfast, being the lovely flexible meal that it is—ranging from chorizo to omelets to chilaquiles to sticky buns—is a perfect time to enjoy cake.

Last week I had the pleasure of road tripping from Chicago to Tampa and back again, stopping along the way at the welcoming homes of many teammates. At one such home down in Georgia, to which we rolled up at around 2:30am after an odd meal in Nashville, there was this Paula Deen Pound Cake. Sitting there on the counter, with a plate to the side where the delicate, perfectly textured cake crust had been reserved, was heaven. Cake for breakfast is the new thing (here in my kitchen) but cake can work wonders at anytime, as this pound cake demonstrated there in that Georgia kitchen.

It is a simple cake. Butter, sugar, eggs, flour, sour cream, vanilla. That’s all you really need to start a day, or end a night.

Recipe on the following page.