Born and raised in California, went to school in the slightly cooler Illinois, and now residing in a more respectably temperate Brooklyn Miami.  I love to bake, cook, churn, play around with food.  A little sculpting here and there.  Maybe some origami.

My sous-chef Bro also enjoys a little paper art, and is very handy with a double boiler.

Naomi, Eli, and Hannah S. are also exceptionally talented with a spatula.

For more Bakelist plus random, other things I like, head over to my tumblr. It’s full of other cool things like pictures, music, and musings, some of which taste good, too.

12 thoughts on “About

  1. Hannah

    If only I could be there to try it! I totally agree–the best thing about layer cakes is the filling! You should post about those treats you made for the girls sleepover!

  2. Sharon

    🙂 I’m so impressed and proud to be your friend. I had no idea that your work was so epically beautiful. Your pictures are amazing and the food looks divine–you have outdone yourself. I wish I had asked you earlier about your blog, I would have loved to try some of these recipes over the summer when I had more time. Really though, your talent is quite inspiring. I shall now proceed to continue looking through this delicious website.


  3. Sara

    The non-vegan in my vegan self is drooling? Did not have any idea that your “hobby” is actually an awesome talent, Nina! This is great, plus my mom may just be your number 1 fan. Want to be adopted by a slightly neurotic, overprotective Jewish family in Northern New Jersey? Just say the word!

  4. Harvey Lincoff

    I enjoyed your Bakelist and would like to taste it. We are still going to Cafe D’Alsace regularly and look forward to taking you there before long.


  5. Emily

    Hey…so, i just wanted to tell you that i’m obsessed with your website and extremely jealous bc i want to be doing what you’re doing!! i’m a kappa at georgia and one of my friends told me about your blog site and I’ve been looking at it ever since last year and keeping up with your recipes…everything looks SO good and i’ve tried to make a few things but nothing looks as good as yours! How do you have the time to do all this with school and everything?…im very impressed, but good luck with everything and keep it up..I love reading your new recipes and it inspires me to want to make stuff b/c i lovee to bake!! Thanks for all this stuff!

  6. Rennie

    I can’t believe I just barely stumbled onto your website. Your recipes look amazing. I’m going to attempt to make the coffee macarons this weekend.

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