While these photos alone should be enough to send you flying towards the farmers’ market (it’s bread! tomatoes! buffalo mozzarella!), I’l give you a quick roundup of reasons why you should have already stopped reading and headed out to score ingredients to make a summer panzanella. Here it is: Bread salad. Bread. Salad. You thought salad was vegetables and produce? SYCHE. Salad can also be fat and loaded with bread and deliciously creamy, smoky mozzarella.

Since we’re in the middle of the summer tomato deluge, chances are you need a good recipe that perfectly showcases tomato’s sweetness and bite but goes a couple steps further than simply slice and eating the tomato on bread. (Not that I’d judge you…guess what I’m having for lunch…) Cue garlic, fresh herbs, buttery toasted bread, lemon juice, and a sprinkling of salt and pepper. Yup. Recipe, here


Also, tomato murder is fun.


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