Coconut Curry Soup.

SpicySoup1I walk into a Chinese restaurant with two Koreans and one Chinese. We sit down and order our different variations of saimin ranging from bowls topped with spinach to dumplings to roasted duck. The waitress comes and delivers water, tea, and cutlery. Who gets the one lone fork?

Me, obviously. And while a little bit of restaurant prejudice can sometimes rub a meal the wrong way, my coconut curry soup loaded with noodles and pork dumplings made up for any lack of chopsticks. To be honest, I rather enjoyed spearing dumplings with my knife and eating them wild-style, slurping down broth from the bowl as I went. If I didn’t get chopsticks my poor soup-sucking manners seemed to suggest, I was going to eat like the uncivilized diner I truly was.

Man, was it fun, and I couldn’t get that broth out of my head even after the meal was done. Simple as it was– coconut milk, thai curry paste, herbs– it was remarkably delicious. With the addition of better noodles and largely vegetables, it could be healthy as well. So here it is, my version of a coconut curry soup. Chopsticks optional.

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