Hearty Mole Chili.


Oh California, what are you thinking? It’s rainy, dark, and just a little bit depressing when shouldn’t it be blue skies, sunshine, and glitter in the air? Alright, maybe not glitter. But hey, it’s not like it’s December or anything, it’s not like it’s winter. What are you doing messing around with the weather?

Really, the only benefit as far as I can tell of faux-winter weather (it is still technically fall…) is that chili tastes all the better. Roasted pasillas, chipotle, cumin, cinnamon, coffee, and chocolate, slow cooked and hot. Sounds good doesn’t it? Almost enough to forget the rain? No? Well, I tried. If you’d like to try the chili-beats-the-winter technique, head over here.




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