Feta, Olive, and Basil Pasta Salad.

I’ve long been prejudiced against pasta salads. For one, they’re room temperature or even worse, cold. After that little temperature hurdle, pasta salads generally have been sitting for hours or even days, generating all different kinds of soggy-pasta flabbiness. Ultimately, my dislike for pasta salads really stems from the fact that I actually enjoy real salads, with fresh vegetables and maybe even a couple greens. When it’s hot out and I don’t feel like cooking, a pasta salad is never where I’ll turn too.

Now of course, I’ve been over looking the true beauty of pasta salad. I’ve been misunderstanding the dish and everything wonderful that a the long-sitting pasta salad, something that can be served at any temperature. Pasta salads, as it turns out (yea, who would’ve guessed…) don’t have to be loaded with mayonnaise. They also don’t have to be mostly pasta. The pasta is really the vessel for flavorful dressings and all sorts of additions. Forget the pasta of pasta salad, let’s talk about some olives, fresh herbs, and sun dried tomatoes. It’s summer, let’s throw in a couple fresh tomatoes too. That’s a good bowlful. Since it’s a pasta salad after all, let’s forget about measuring. Who needs cupfuls when everything is getting tossed together?

Over the next couple weeks, recipes here on Bakelist are going to get a bit strange. In a way, they’re going to become a bit more summer-ready. I’ll provide flavors and ingredients and perhaps even some approximate amounts, but that’s about it. The things I’ll be making will really be suggestions of combinations, flavors that played well together in my kitchen, and would probably do the same in yours. Enjoy!

Recipe on the following page.

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