Papas Bravas Tacos.

It’s practically summer and in addition to ice cream, cold beer, and iced coffee, tacos round out my list of perfect summer food and drink. Tacos are wonderful in general, but there’s something that’s all the more fantastic about a taco during summer weather. Tacos need nothing, they need no plates, no forks, no napkins if you’re careful. A taco is a meal, it’s a snack, it’s a second or third dinner. Taco’s are everything contained in a little corn tortilla. They are, unequivocally, perfect.

Tacos can contain chorizo, breakfast, eggs, carnitas, carne asada, lengua, lunch, dinner, and even potatoes. Yup carbs on carbs in these tacos and its still wonderful. Papas bravas is traditionally a Spanish side or tapas dish and equates to the intersection of homefries and a deliciously spicy tomato and cream sauce, which sometimes even has the audacity of a pork addition. I did try to add a bit of bacon to these, but it turns out that I had previously eaten all my bacon and forgotten. Oh, the struggles I face.

These papas bravas tacos are not true papas bravas—they resemble their homefry lineage more than the creamy tomato, onion, pepper blended sauce. But they’re spicy, flavorful, crispy, and play extremely well with homemade black beans, (water, beans, onion, salt and pepper, boil, sit, boil, drain), avocado, and the most simple yet extremely satisfying cilantro crema. Cilantro and lime plays well with almost everything too.

Don’t believe me? Give these tacos a try. Take one and go lounge outside with a cool drink.

Yea, you know you want to.

Recipe on the following page.

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