Polenta Cakes with Roasted Asparagus and Mornay Sauce.

Last Wednesday I had the perfect meal. It began with gruyere donuts, stayed a while with a rye flight and a deconstructed rabbit pot pie, and ended with gougeres filled with mornay sauce. Yes, the each bookend to this perfect meal was gruyere.

All bookends should be gruyere-based, as it turns out. Just imagine, beginning and ending with a cheese that has just the right balance of nuttiness, richness, and salt. A cheese between soft and hard. The perfect cheese.

As it happens, no meal can last forever but there’s the beauty in cooking. Gougeres with mornay sauce on Wednesday, polenta cakes with mornay sauce on Monday. Because apparently, Bakelist is all about piling things atop polenta these days. A couple roasted asparagus in there just for a little green. And so at least one thing on the plate isn’t loaded with cheese.

Not that I’d ever complain about such a plate…

Recipe on the following page.

2 thoughts on “Polenta Cakes with Roasted Asparagus and Mornay Sauce.

  1. sara

    This looks amazing! I love polenta, and I love roasted asparagus! I’ve never had mornay sauce, but this recipe looks so tempting…definitely need to give it a try. Sounds like an over all really delicious dish.

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