Curried Quinoa Salad.

Protein, protein, where are you? How do I get you on my plate?

Like most college students, in addition to being generally lost and blundering through day-to-day life, I am constantly in need of more protein. Carbs and sugars, being possibly the easiest things to both procure and make, are never in short supply. Fruits and vegetables take a bit more forethought, namely making sure one eats them before they go all rotty in the crisper. But protein, lean, fatty, white, dark, soy, succulent protein, is a fair bit harder to come by.

As to why, that’s not so clear. But I’ll guesstimate and say that it has something to with both price and difficulty of preparation. It’s much harder to make a chicken breast taste good than it is to pull together a salad. At least in my kitchen. Pureed soups, as it appears, are much easier for me to make than a hamburger. While that may make no logical, or practical sense, it’s the truth in my kitchen.

This week, I set out to fix the protein dearth, with quinoa. While that may seem a great deal harder than cooking up a piece of chicken– and it very well may be– it sure is more interesting. And colorful. And flavorful, too. A curried quinoa salad in fact, fulfills my protein requirement. Quinoa, being the super grain, has an inherent amount of protein and topped with a spiced Greek yogurt dressing, this salad is unstoppable in its desire to protein-ate.

The puns are back—clearly my brain has been fed. It must be the quinoa salad, with its spicy nuttiness, the sweetness from the cranberries, the toasted quality of the almonds, and the freshness of the parsley and carrots. It’s the kind of protein-packed dished that happily sits in the refrigerator for days, waiting patiently to add a side of protein to any part of the day. Or a spoonful, eaten standing up. What a team player, this curried quinoa salad is.

Recipe on the following page.

6 thoughts on “Curried Quinoa Salad.

    • Nina

      Exactly! Lentils and are cliche college, largely because of price…they are delicious though and I’m always on the look out for new ways to cook them.

  1. akismet-f0c92a900b2d44b04cee2054be4e52c7

    I wonder if you could sub in barley for the quinoa. I’ve never bought quinoa before and I have an influx of barley at the house that I don’t know what to do with. Thoughts!?

  2. Nina

    Yea, I think barley or really any grain would work! I actually adapted this from a couscous recipe of my mother’s…

  3. Heather

    This was delish!! I didn’t have any parsley but will certainly add next time; I think it would really balance out the flavors!!

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