Celeriac Soup.

Can’t stop, won’t stop. Must make soup. For this week’s Soup Sundays—which have apparently become a thing here at Bakelist—is a soup that is near to my heart, and oh so dear to my stomach. Celeriac, or celery root, soup, that thick, creamy puree with the sharp, nutty taste of celery. Sounds weird? Oh, it is. And man, you haven’t seen weird since you’ve looked at a celeriac.

While celeriac looks like a dirty, gnarled little root baby, underneath the skin in a luscious, fragrant white flesh which, when simmered and pureed with a bit of onion and a couple cups of celery, it makes a wonderful soup. Because celeriac is a bit of a tighter tuber than potato, it adds a great, natural creaminess to any vegetable puree. Balanced against the neutral addition of a potato, this soup is rich without being overpowering, comfort in a bowl. Topped with a couple sourdough croutons and one or two fresh herbs, it’s truly one of the best soups out there.

So Soup Sundays, don’t judge. The best time to make soup for the week is during the late morning, early afternoon on Sundays, obviously. Soup really is the perfect meal to tackle aftet a Saturday night, especially a pureed soup. Since everything is going into the blender anyway, it all can be roughly chopped before going into the soup bath. Nothing needs to be pretty, and real talk, any chance to slack off on presentation worthy diced vegetables is a chance worth taking. And after easy soup making for lunch, you’re ready for the rest of a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Recipe on the following page.

4 thoughts on “Celeriac Soup.

  1. Panama

    Today’s special is celeriac… Never completely forgotten since its aromatic attributes are at the base of many stocks, soups and stews in French and Italian traditional cooking.

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