Fresh Corn Slaw.

Hello avocado. You’re just like nature’s butter. Green, luscious, and from a tree. You’re perfect as is, maybe with a little lime juice, salt and chili pepper, but you know what else? You’re also perfect shaped to be a little nature bowl.

It’s spring, or at least, I’ve decided that it’s spring and it’s here to stay. Nothing says spring like a simple lunch of fresh corn slaw with roasted pepper, spicy cilantro, and those cute little avocado nature bowls.

Even when it’s 40 degrees outside and debatably sunny, it’s spring in the kitchen when there’s a fresh slaw and ripe avocados. Oh the miracles of contemporary farm practices. I love you. You give me every vegetable I need, even when they’re not in season. Granted, this slaw would probably be even better in the summer, or the end of summer when a few beautifully plump heirloom tomatoes could be cut in. Ah, summer dreamin’.

Back to spring and simple meals. Nothing says quick and simple like a bowl you can eat. Talk about delicious efficiency. An avocado piled high with this slaw, a bit of heat, the crunch of the corn, the strength of an onion, the acid of the lime, is practically guacamole. But better, because it comes in a guacamole bowl. Watch out avocados, I may be coming to pile you up with something new next.

Recipe on the following page.

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