Quinoa Cakes.

Sorry for the absence, I’ve been away. Not anywhere warm and sunny, with big beaches and blue waters. No, no. Nowhere like that. That would be negligent and oh-too-cliché for a spring break. Who would want to go tan, lounge around, and nap whenever, wherever? Sounds awful.

Regardless of where, vacation is a time to enjoy, to relax, and most importantly, to experience whatever regionally specialty offered up. This past week, it was pecan goo-goos, devil crabs, and drums of daiquiris.

That, unfortunately, was last week. Now it is back to school, back to a schedule, and back to limited time for cooking.

To balance out a week of deep-fried crab cakes complete with a half-inch layer of cornmeal, carby armor, I decided to go the slightly healthier route for protein. Quinoa cakes, made from the protein super grain. Cut with briny olives, a bit of cheese, fresh parsley, and the sharpness of lemon, these quinoa cakes are health hidden in a patty‘s worth of deliciousness. Eat a stack, eat a pile, they’re good for you.

Better yet, the quinoa mix once assembled, keeps for days in the refrigerator. So for the past week, I’ve been five minutes away from fresh quinoa cakes. Take a couple scoops out of the fridge, shape them up, fry in a bit of butter, and there it is. Over a salad or topped with a bit of cheese, sour cream, or hot sauce, it’s a lunch or dinner that’s good for you. Good enough, almost, to quench any latent desire for a deep fried devil crab. Almost.

Recipe on the following page.

2 thoughts on “Quinoa Cakes.

  1. Linda


    I was wondering if you have the recipes for this Quinoa Cake, and the Blueberry Lemon Tea Cake with Glaze?
    I can’t seemt o find them.

    Would appreciatet it if you could be kind to let me know.
    The recipes look yummy. 🙂


    Have a nice day.


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