Blueberry Lemon Tea Cake with Glaze.

A few days ago I woke up, made a pot of coffee, and then realized, much to my stomach’s unfortunate state of emptiness, that there was nothing to eat for breakfast. Nothing, not even something inappropriate like cold pizza, grilled cheese, quesadillas or other appropriated lunch foods. And so, faced with skipping breakfast and getting straight to paper writing, I took the procrastination route and made cake.

The morning was infinitely better for it, as it soon contained cake. Glazed cake nonetheless.

Have you ever eaten a muffin and realized—much to your secret delight—that it was secretly a ball of cake masquerading as a muffin? This Blueberry Lemon Tea Loaf with Lemon Glaze is secretly a lot of muffins masquerading as a loaf of cake. I threw the ‘tea loaf’ bit in there because it sounds more appropriate for breakfast consumption than a straight-up ‘cake.’ Duh. Some people have tea at breakfast, right? Not me, but gallon-o-coffee loaf just doesn’t sound the same…

The best part about this cake, and keep in mind that there are very many great parts about this cake— the moist blueberries, the tangy lemon zest, the rich moist crumb aided along by a nice half cup (and a bit) of sour cream, the sweet glaze crust on top— is that it is sliceable. Hold on. Sliceable? Take a moment and imagine a slice of toast, very close to the most-perfect-of-all-food inventions. Now imagine a toasted slice of cake. Griddled in a little butter maybe, or perhaps just toasted, with a schmear of jelly or a drizzle of honey.

Yup. It’s time for breakfast.

Recipe on the following page.

7 thoughts on “Blueberry Lemon Tea Cake with Glaze.

  1. Billy

    Hey There Bakelist,
    Thanks for your thoughts, The dessert in this short article is beneficial whenever but it is notably suited to brunch and very similar situations. It is sweet sufficient for dessert nonetheless will go nice with espresso, other sizzling beverages, and meals in which you want a delicious but not much too weighty dessert. This Blueberry Poppy Seed Cake will be a strike when you serve it! It bakes in a springform pan and tends to make the great indicate piece with its crusty sides and mouth watering and stunning blueberry filling. The easy powdered sugar glaze retains it from being loaded down with a way too sweet frosting for a brunch or morning meal. Yet it will gratify the most outrageous sweet tooth! And it is just as awesome for dessert at a dinner with spouse and children and acquaintances. This is a person recipe you basically want to add to your recipe information.
    All the Best

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