Orange Poppy Seed Cake.

Sometimes cake is complicated. It’s high maintenance. It has four layers, two kinds of filling, and a whipped meringue frosting. It has to be refrigerated. It absolutely needs glitter. Oh yea, and that gold dust as well. Sometimes cake requires Q-tips, skewers, and brushes to assemble. Sometimes, you have to roll the cake, flip it upside down and then hope to St. Pastry it stands up. Against gravity.

Sometimes however, cake comes out of the oven, pops out of the pan, gets a little glaze, and is ready to sit happily on a plate. Sometimes a cake is perfect with just some good-ole baking magic. This Orange Poppy Seed cake is one of those kinds of cakes. The best kind, the kind of cake that’s there in two hours without any fuss.

As a rule of tongue, any baked good that doesn’t require chocolate or brown sugar and still reaches unthinkable levels of deliciousness is special. When something that has fruit and poppy seeds is good enough to be snuck down from the counter in your hands, you know you’ve got the right-kind-of-cake up on the cake platter.

Say hello, poppy seeds. Unlike in some hard little lemon scones, or silly lopsided shortbreads, here in cake-space you really shine. You taste nutty, a little spicy even, and you add a great deal of crunch to the moist, orangey, zest-studded cake crumb. Topped off with a tangy and sweet simple orange glaze, this really is quite a cake.

Take a look. No tricks anywhere from raw ingredients to plate. If there wasn’t time to bake a cake before, if the leveling and stacking seemed a bit much, here’s a cake that’s perfect without. There’s time to bake a cake now, and who doesn’t need a little bit more cake? Cake at breakfast, cake at second breakfast, cake at snack time…

Recipe on the following page. 

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