Puy Lentil Galettes.

It’s that time again, finals. Or at least, it’s the week before finals, which inevitably is busier than finals week itself. Spring break is two weeks away, and save for a confused bit of snow, Evanston is pretending that it’s spring already. Just in time for a couple days spent studying, reading, and writing away. What a tease.

Thankfully, with finals comes a great old friend of mine, procrastination. This quarter, procrastination has manifested in the form of excessive cooking. Soup making at 9 pm. Cookies as a study break. The casual vol-au-vents homage. After all, nothing prolongs break time like stacking your food in towers. As a bonus, these Puy lentil galettes are both fun to make and eat.

These galettes are essentially a cold lentil-yogurt salad, spiced up with a bit of cumin, sautéed onion and garlic, and smoked paprika. Olive oil and lemon notes bind everything together. Without the pastry disc, it’s a incredibly healthy, refreshing, protein-packed lunch or dinner. With the pastry discs, the protein is still there, as well as a little extra bit of puffed-up love.

Hello vertical procrastination, don’t you look lovely. And tasty too.

Recipe on the following page. 

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