Samoa Ice Cream.

When you consider my last month of posts, it’s clear I’ve got a problem. A soup and ice cream problem. But it’s not my fault, it’s this gosh darn winter’s fault. One day it’s snowing, the next it’s 50 degrees. One day I want soup, the next only ice cream and beer.

I sweat it’s a balanced diet.

To further complicate things, it’s the start of yet another season. You know, that one where there are tables set up all over town, outside grocery stores and bakeries and coffee shops—my frequent haunts, obviously. The one that brings lots of colorful, little boxes for the price of $4 each. Girl Scout Cookie season. After summer, it may be the best season ever.

Even if it wasn’t pretending to be spring here in Evanston—just before finals week of course—there would be ice cream in my freezer. Girl Scout Cookies demand to be transformed into ice cream. Sitting up in my cabinet, all cute and delicious, they practically beg to be elevated into the most delicious frozen dessert of all. Ice cream, you torment me and claim all my cookies and toffee chunks.

But it’s worth it.

Since Samoa’s are practically a perfect cookie, they need little else in a batch of ice cream. No fudge swirl or chocolate flakes here. Just a simple, homemade caramel base for chunks of cookie to happily float in. The caramel plays off and complements the sweet caramel of the cookies, and large chunks are the perfect size for ice cream bliss. Yup, these current seasons are all right. Samoa Ice Cream and spring weather in February? Best winter quarter, ever.

Recipe on the following page.

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