CinnaBunBombs [Cinnamon Buns].

Look at those buns.

I apologize, that was inappropriate. But these are a baked good made for punning. Sometimes, the pun just can’t stop. Won’t stop. Shouldn’t stop.

These cinnamon buns, or rather pecan cinnamon sticky buns, have been a long time coming. Six years in fact. The first tray of cinnamon buns I made were adapted from America’s Test Kitchen, of these magical muffins, and of course, everything else tested and approved that tastes good in the kitchen. At 15, I knew these buns were special, yet imperfect. They were the novice buns. A dozen or so trays and a half dozen years later, after the wholesome addition of more goo, the removal of that cream cheese white icing which is at once unnecessary and a reminder of those delectable and entirely easier Pillsbury buns, this recipe has risen from the remains. The gooey, sticky, sweet remains of the buns of holidays past.

Since these are the perfected Frankenstein of cinnamon buns, over time they’ve accrued a mish-mash of the cinnamon bun name—CinnaBunBombs. Cinna is obvious. Bun is a reference to the bun itself (duh, for the slow in the crowd) as well as a nod to the chain that brings the buns to the masses. (A worthy task if there ever was one.) Bombs is in there for a healthy dose of alliteration, but also to signify the Magnitude of the Bun. These are not buns to be taken lightly. They are so incredibly rich, so over-the-top, that only on holiday mornings does it really feel right to consume such decadence. Hence, the Bombs.

That being said, my brother ate five. So perhaps deliciousness can overcome any fear of the sugary and buttery.

Recipe on the following page.

12 thoughts on “CinnaBunBombs [Cinnamon Buns].

  1. Kristin

    Do you add the 8 T of butter to the dough? I wasn’t sure so that’s what I did. Recipe looks great, can’t wait for them to come out of the oven.

    • Nina

      Yup! 8 Tablespoons of melted and cooled butter added to the dough…my bad on the recipe flub. Thanks for catching it! How did they turn out?

  2. sarah

    this was awesome, it was perfectly balanced and worked really well. For my personal tastes the cinnamon sugar mix inside was too sugary and the pecan mix was too sweet but I can just adjust that next time I make it. I thought the dough was perfect bc it wasn’t too sweet. and I like mine a little gooey in the middle (like cinnabon) so I only cooked them for 15 mins and they came out perfect for my preference (though I could have gone for even a little less cooked so maybe i’ll do 10 mins next time). I also pretty much kept to the 31/2 cups of flour and only sprinkled more when I was kneading and even then it was very little and I really liked that consistency but again thats just my preference.

  3. sarah

    oh also, I didn’t understand that whole “Spread the dough with the tablespoon of butter” can you explain. Do you mean use the back of a spoon to spread the dough? or put a tablespoon of butter in the cinnamon sugar mix then spread? or put the tablespoon of butter on the dough after you roll it out then put the cinnamon and sugar on top? I wasn’t sure so I didn’t use that extra tablespoon of butter at all and I just sprayed margarine on the outside of the buns before they went in the oven instead and they came out looking great!

    • Nina

      Hi! Thanks for reading. I spread the dough with a tablespoon of softened butter after I roll the dough out, but before I sprinkle it with the cinnamon sugar so that the sugar sticks (very) well and to add, for good measure, a bit more butter to the filling. Also, it helps keep the buns in a pull-apart and spiraling shape! Hope that helps.

      Thanks again!


  4. Jennifer

    Recipe looks great! Mine are proofing as we “speak” 🙂 Cant I bake them after they have proofed the first time? Do I have to refrigerate them, and then let them proof again?

    • Nina

      Hi! You can definitely bake them after the first proof! I always make them the night before and the refrigerate/proof for a second time, but go ahead and bake away. They’ll be delicious.

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