Almond Toffee Bark.

Some say the holidays are stressful, as any couple of weeks filled with travel, nog, and a bit of caroling could very well be. Gift-giving, the hunt for the perfect gift, or the hunt for the perfect-gift-for-right-now-before-the-store-closes, clearly can cause stress levels to rise up right around the mistletoe. So please, instead of hunting, searching, foraging, for the perfect gift, get up to your knees in toffee instead.

Toffee is a good place to be, as far as the candy-reaches of the world go. Nutty, buttery, and sweet, toffee breaks in all the right places and hits all the right flavor notes. It’s the kind of gift you’ll make, have to eat, and then be more than happy to make again.

When a gift is good enough to want to keep for yourself, you know you’re on the right track. An obvious plus—toffee is easy to make, and you can make it in your slippers. Slipper giving? Sign me up. A batch of toffee and four little gift bags later, you’ll have four presents ready to go. Three if you’re like me, and are inclined to eat a quarter of the batch.

No big deal. As always, a toffee gift is a great alternative to socks. Homemade candy,  with a little tender loving care.

Recipe on the following page.

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