Lemon Pucker Cake.

This is a fresh cake. Fresh in the Fresh-Prince kind of manner. But most importantly, it’s a fresh cake baked for the birthday of a fresh little sister.

Now here’s a story…

There was a batch of cupcakes. Lemon Lust Cupcakes in fact. Wonderful little lemon cups of cake, filled with tart lemon curd and topped with only the highest quality of  whipped cream. These were fresh cupcakes, these were tart little bites of cupcake perfection.

And so, like all great cupcakse aspire to be, these little Lemon Lust Cupcakes were transformed into a very big Lemon Pucker Cake. Moist, buttery lemon cake filled with tangy lemon curd and encased in the perfect foil of sweetness, a decadent white chocolate buttercream. Each slice is a wedge of lemon, and the best part is, if you finish a slice, chances are there’s more where it came from. With those cupcakes? You might have eaten the last one.

At which point, you’ll be truly fresh-deprived.

Recipe on the following page. (And yes. That last picture is of emo cake in the shade.)

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