Edamame Hummus.

Perfect things exist.  Hummus, plain old garbanzo bean and tahini hummus is perfect in the way some simple things just are.

The obvious response is, of course, to mess with hummus.  Take something perfect and make it, well, green.

It’s simple, just as simple as hummus is in fact.  Take the perfect equations of tahini, lemon, garlic, salt, pepper, oil and garbanzos and substitute the beans with something else.  The logic is, that if it’s perfect for garbanzos, it must be perfect for every other kinds of bean.  Just like, say down coats are perfect for winter, they must be perfect for every other season right?  Or, alternatively, mini skirts especially when made out of shearling, perfect for summer, fall and 20 degree weather?  So…

All right, so the swap-in-a-perfect-recipe may not be a great idea all the time, but while it’s not a uniform rule, it most certainly applies to hummus.

Edamame Hummus, inspired by the haven, the church, the heaven of all would-be buildings that sell food—you know, grocery stores—Trader Joe’s.  Trader Joe’s, of the Salsa Especial, the Honey Greek Yogurt and chicken tacos and tomato soup and chocolate by the pound…chocolate by the pound.  Chocolate by the pound.

But back to the Edamame Hummus, slightly healthier fare.  Not that pounds of chocolate aren’t healthy, for mental health they’re just the prescription, but we’re talking day-to-day, heart healthy today.  So back to the green hummus.

Edamame, those little soybeans that can, are protein intensified in perfect little grassy ovals.  But more that that, more than their predilection to be fermented and turned into tofu or soy sauce, fresh edamame is bright tasting and just a little sweet.  Pureed with all the right hummus accessories, it turns into a savory, full-bodied velvety dip.  With the addition of chili oil, chili paste and sesame oil, Edamame Hummus is elevated past just another green dip and is transformed in a spicy, Asian-inspired spread.

The best part, it’s good everywhere traditional hummus is.  Pita chips, sandwiches, wraps even, if you happen to like those green tortilla wannabes.

Recipe on the following page.

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