Molasses Ice Cream with Oat Cookie Chunks.

Adhering to cliché, some rules are meant to be broken.  After 21 years, that list includes—but is not limited to—curfew, jaywalking, whiteafterlaborday, chocolate and beer for dinner…etc.  But lawmakers and enforcers take heart, some rules are written to last.  The one that comes to mind today, and seems particularly relevant every day of summer is this: Ice Cream, Good.  If delicious in real life, made even more delicious when frozen, churned and enveloped in luscious, velvety frozen ice cream.  Sometimes, being a law-abiding citizen is hard.  Really, quite trying.

Cookie dough, and particularly cinnamony oatmeal cookie dough, is a wonderful thing.  Raw, out of a tube, out of the bowl, pieced off from scooped cookie dough balls waiting patiently on a baking sheet to transform into warm, chewy oatmeal cookies—oatmeal cookie dough is delicious.  And while cookie dough ice cream is a no brainer, been around perhaps as long as sliced bread, oatmeal cookie chunks surrounded by tangy, spiced molasses-based ice cream is something a little off-kilter.  The richness of the molasses perfectly complements the homey qualities of the oatmeal cookie dough, together creating a bowl full of happy, happy ice cream.

Recipe on the following page.

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