Nutter Butters.

As it turns out, the food on this blog appears to be always ready for bed.* Tucked into comforters, pillows, towels, scarves, sweaters…yea, fine, I’ll admit it.  Those beautiful backdrops?  Definitely my bedding, and might I just say, they’ve never looked better.

But back to food ready-for-bed.  What exactly qualifies food to be bed-ready, to have graduated from the boring old dining room or kitchen table and upgrade to the clearly superior, comfier down-arena?  As it turns out, not much.  A couple napkins laid down as a shield, a tray if you’re feeling particularly ambitious and domestic.  Even better, if the tray is the day’s newspaper and a coffee mug is sitting slanted on the mattress, just on the upright side of tipping.  Food in bed, much like food outside is delicious, regardless really, of whatever it is.  If it’s breakfast, then you’re not really pushing the boundaries of mealdom, but if you’ve graduated lunch to bed, tea to bed, or the most daring, dinner in bed…more power to you. Or you’re in college and have no other furniture.

On the scale of bedfood, ranking from normal to outrageous, a homemade Nutter Butter skews more towards the left.  (About a two.)  Nothing too adventurous, simply a sandwich cookie.  But a buttery, rich, chewy sandwich cookie spawned by Thomas Keller’s Bouchon Bakery.  Which means that for every batch of cookies, a million pounds, (fine, one and a quarter), of butter is used.  Below is only a half-batch, and it’s more than enough.  In true form, Keller and his cohort have elevated a guilty-please packaged cookie to a home baked treat to be proud of.  With the addition of oatmeal, pure vanilla extract and crunchy peanuts, these Nutter Butters are the cracked-out, overachieving version of the supermarket variety.  They’re peanuty, chewy, and rich.  Perfect.

What I’ve discovered is that, in the warmth, soft, squishy comfort of bed, any guilt accrued during cookie eating magically disappears.  So you can eat one, two, three…and a glass of milk.  And if delusional is the game of the day, the eaten cookies can be easily pushed towards dreamland.  Cookies?  Who ate them?  Not me, I was in bed…

*An uncle has pointed out the bed-readiness of this food.

Recipe on the following page.

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