New York, Fire Island.

So I’ve gone a lot of places.

But my favorite is still here.  And here. And here.

Here too.

At the Bay Shore Fire Island Ferry terminal, there is a snack shack.  Now this snack shack, in all it’s white washed, lopsided and permanently grease-perfumed air quaintness has a secret.  That secret comes in either a cup or a bowl, and that secret is loaded with huge chunks of lobster, crab, shrimp and the rest of the sea.  The red Seafood Bisque at the ferry terminal is  perfection in soup form.

Grab a cup, or a bowl or four, and go to the beach.

Oh yeah, Fire Island is also close to that little town, New York City, where donuts and soft serve abound.

Summer is great, don’t even pretend it’s not.  If you happen to be stuck inside, go outside in the sun.  Sunshine is not only fine, it’s fantastic.  Even better perhaps, when a cup of bisque, a donut and even a soft serve cone are procured.

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