World Peace Cookies.

World Peace Cookies, the sister cookie of the New York Times Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies, are absolutely required for all food bloggers of any kind to make, post and as it seems to follow, adore.  Dorie Greenspan’s ultimate little treat.  Although I may be a little bit behind the ball, I’ve happily joined the lemming line.  Eggless, packed with butter, these World Peace Cookies are chocolate shortbread rounds punched up and overloaded.  Baked up, they taste just as good, if not better than the pre-baked cookie dough, which is really the best part.  They’re delicious, perfect little cookies.

The idea behind the ‘world peace’ name is that if everybody had one of these cookies, there would be peace in the world.  Not just because every person would be satiated and their mouths would be plugged up with cookies, the little spouts of dissent stopped, but because every single cookie-gifted person would be content with life, and happy enough to live in peace.  It’s a nice idea, in fact it’s a great idea.  The story is a huge part of appeal.  But, while these cookies are phenomenal– let’s be clear, I’d never turn one down– I couldn’t say if they’re world-peace-worthy.  World peace is a big undertaking, and while it’s fun to imagine cookies dressed up in pageant wear answering ‘why yes sir, world peace is my number one goal in life,’ I don’t know if this is the cookie to do it.  I ate one, or four, and certainly felt more peaceful, but then the cookie-love wore off.  (Really, I took a nap and woke up with a desire for more cookies.)  When the cookie-bliss was gone, all I wanted was more and I would have gotten a little violent.

Thank god then, we have a four-gallon cookie jar.

Clearly, the answer is to embark on a Cookie Mission.  A quest for the ultimate cookie, the cookie that after eating just one, for the rest of life you are a peaceful person.  It’s possible that these World Peace Cookies are as close to being worthy of the World Peace Cookie name, but I couldn’t say.  I’m going to have to eat more cookies.

Recipe on the following page.

3 thoughts on “World Peace Cookies.

  1. Stella

    I’ve just discovered the brilliance that is Dorie Greenspan. These cookies are on my to make list! They look scrumptious – I should bump them up a few notches 😉

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