Beer Cardamom Ice Cream.

I spent a long time waiting for it to be the ice cream moment.  And by long time, I mean I’ve been waiting since last summer for it to be ice cream weather again.  (Which is not to say that I haven’t been eating ice cream in the interim.  But while ice cream is always good, always as close to perfect as possible, ice cream at 20 degrees under overcast skies and an 80 percent of precipitation is just not the same as ice cream on a sunny day.)  So now, eight months later, it’s time.  Finally, after a long winter, what I’ve been waiting for. Also, an ice cream maker appeared.  Small details.

Taking a hint from an ice creamery in New Orleans, the southern capital of heat, bourbon, shiny things, long days and great ideas, beer cardamom ice cream seemed to be the perfect kick off to ice cream season.  You though ice cream week was excessive?  Just wait.

Say it’s not a good idea.

Go ahead and take a moment to think about it.  Try as hard as you like, scrape the insides of your brain, summon up all known food logic and then propose something which implies that, you know, maybe beer-flavored ice cream is wrong.  A bad idea.

Can’t come up with a reason?  That’s right.  Because there’s nothing to say beer and ice cream together isn’t anything but wonderful.

The rule of ice cream—and there is a rule, let’s be clear—is that ice cream is always delicious, no matter the ingredients.  Now take beer and a little cardamom.  Add a witbier or heffeweizen, inherently a little sweeter with light citrus and cardamom notes, lends itself perfectly to ice cream.  The richness of the cream and the addition of sugar enhances the flavors of the beer to create a light, extremely refreshing scoop of ice cream.  The cardamom runs through the ice cream as a flowery, slightly spicy foil to the deliciously rich yeastyness.

Now, if one were particularly daring, a deviation on a root beer float wouldn’t be out of the question.  Just imagine, beer ice cream beer float.  Say it twice.

Recipe on the following page.

One thought on “Beer Cardamom Ice Cream.

  1. Paige at The Spice House

    Okay, I’m going to have to try this one. I might add some coriander and ground grains of paradise to really echo the beer flavors. This will go great for Booze and Ice Cream night – so far I’ve got rum&coke floats, chocolate whiskey ice cream, and vodka marinated strawberry ice cream with Bailey’s whipped cream. A beer flavor is just what I need to round that out. And kill us all.

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