Capitol Hill (Good Stuff Eatery).

The last meal I consumed in Washington did not consist of lobster, steak or truffled twice-baked potatoes.  Regardless, it was the perfect end to an all-American quarter.

Burger, fries and a shake.

At Top Chef alum Spike Mendelsohn’s Good Stuff Eatery—and neighboring We the Pizza—the food is conceptually simple, and exceptionally executed.  Basics like chili cheese burger, fries and shakes are enhanced and brought up to ridiculously hearty, delicious and yes, junky, levels by the addition of caramelized Vidalia onions, mushrooms and fried eggs.  These improvements attract droves of suited, Capitol Hill workers.  From 12 p.m. to 2 p.m. one can expect a line out the door of pencil stripped, blazer-donning interns and the fully-employed.  But that’s because the fries are not just made to order, but can be tossed with a blend of herbs and sea salt.  And the burgers are encased in buttered buns.  And oh, the shakes.  Riffing on the current administration, Good Stuff offers a Prez Obama Burger and a Michelle counterpart—blue cheese and health-conscious turkey respectively.

But what really is the ultimate win is the handspun shakes.  Forget the Coletti Smokehouse burger—complete with BBQ sauce and bacon—just hand me a milkshake.  With options ranging from Toasted Marshmallow to Dulce de Leche, theses shakes are absolutely divine.  Yes, they’re bad for your health, for your arteries, but when faced with something so delicious, who cares?

I am salivating right now.

Gross, and much to much information, I know.  The image of a body leaking spit ala your favorite canine is never, ever pleasant.  But please, take the time and imagine the most painful addict withdrawal from more a more serious substance—let’s just over exaggerate and go with crack.  Water it down a bit—but by no means a lot—and you’ll be left with the hole in my stomach left by the absence of the Milky Way Malt Milkshake with organic whipped cream.  Pure bliss contained in a caramel and fudge encrusted cup, filled with the best kind of ice cream goodness and topped with a pillow of lush cream and a sprinkle of crushed malt balls.

And oh, the whipped cream.  It’s a perfect dollop of lightly sweetened, real cream.  To be honest, it’s the main reason to order a milkshake.  One time, when both my and my compatriot-in-burger lacked the cream, we had to return because the shake was just not the same.  Really, we had to complain because the whipped cream is really the most delicious part.  Forget the fudge, forget the marshmallows, it’s all about the toppings.

So what does this all mean?

Good Stuff (GS) is a necessary component of life.  Overpriced, but inexplicably contingent to a better way of living.

As a side note, GS is more expensive that one would expect for a burger joint.  But give it a try anyways.  You might just become addicted.

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