Lobster (Truck) D.C.

Wait, it’s an $18 sandwich?  Ya’ll are waiting in this line for an $18 sandwich?

Well…it’s a really good sandwich…

Lunch hour Tuesday or really any day, when Lobster Truck D.C. is parked outside, or across the street, or nearby, or a Metro stop away…there is a line.  Sometimes a block-long 40-minute line, which allows for only five minutes of actually eating in a lunch-hour.  (Which interestingly enough, is not an hour but a 45-minute time block.  That’s right jeffe, didn’t think a round up of 15 minutes would be noticed?)

But there it is, the lobster truck in all it’s glory, complete with a line of working professionals waiting patiently for an $18 lobster roll meal, with only 45 minutes or quite possibly an hour for lunch.  (Roll, Maine Root Soda, and chips.)  Granted, on that particular day it was beautiful outside.  A true and brilliant spring day.  So what better to do in your lunch hour than stand outside, in the sun, and receive a glorious lobster or shrimp roll for your trials?

In addition to both Maine and Connecticut style lobster rolls, (mayo drenched or butter bathed), there is chowder, whoopee pies and shrimp rolls.  With a buttered and toasty soft roll, close to two cups of shrimp piled high, the lightest of mayonnaise dressing, and thinly sliced green onions, the shrimp roll is a perfect sandwich.  Coupled with orange Maine Root soda in all its sweet, slightly tangy bliss, a shrimp roll meal is the perfect lunch.  Well worth a 40-minute wait.  It brings the sea to the concrete, through happy, full stomachs.

Win the stomachs, win the hearts.  Generate big, big lines.

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