CapMac D.C. (Truck).

Sometimes a situation unfolds where there is a clear right and wrong course of action.  Now, this may appear to be extreme, but hold on.  Stay with it, and apply the ‘right and wrong’ narrative to macaroni and cheese.

That’s right, mac n’ cheese.  Ridiculous, of course.  Macaroni and cheese, the creamy, terribly fatty and absolutely luscious home-style pasta, cheese and all-around dairy dish, has a right and wrong course.  It shouldn’t, it’s a food.  On the spectrum of what should deserve the right and wrong consideration, macaroni and cheese should not sit alongside, for example national security.  Or the slightly less tedious example of any professional sport.

But it does.  Take in to account the addition of Cheez-Its to mac n’ cheese.  Ah, now the right and wrong fork appears.  And just around the river bend is the possibility of Cheez-It-crusted, gooey, hot and even cheesier-than-before macaroni and cheese.  Cheesier-than-before. If macaroni and cheese, in all is delicious goodness, couldn’t get any better, just imagine a top crust of salty, toasted Cheez-Its.

There is a right answer.

In Washington, there is a place.  A magical, mobile food truck decked out in the most vibrant, Velveeta-toned orange paint.  CapMac D.C.—the Capital of Macaroni—sells, among more normal macaronis like goat cheese or broccoli cheddar, a cheddar macaroni topped with a Cheez-It crust.

So not only is there a right answer, but it’s been realized.  And it is delicious.

The lovely lady inside the CapMac truck—and really, all the foodies spreading food from trucks are quite lovely—was wearing a Culinary Institute of America sweatshirt.  She decided the Cheez-It crust was a good idea, and she’s a trained professional.  But if that doesn’t sway you, if the idea of Cheez-It encrusted macaroni and cheese sill sounds a bit outlandish, track the CapMac truck down.  Then take in the line of cheese-starved lunchers waiting outside the truck.  Get in line.

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