Coffee Macarons with White Coffee Filling.

Coffee Macarons with White Coffee Filling

Coffee Macarons

3.2 oz. egg whites (around 3 egg whites from extra large eggs)

4 oz. almond flour or blanched almonds

7 oz. powdered sugar

1 ½  teaspoons instant coffee crystals

1 oz. white sugar

1.  Divide egg whites and refrigerate, covered for four or five days, allowing the egg whites to age and mellow.

2.  Set the aged egg whites out to come to room temperature.  In the bowl of a food processor, process almond flour or blanched almonds, powder sugar, and coffee crystals until finely ground.  (It will take significantly longer to reach a fine powder if starting with blanched almonds.)  Set powder aside.

3.  Stack two sets of baking sheets (four total sheets, two stacks) on top of each other and line each with parchment paper, trimming the paper so that it doesn’t curl up.  In the bowl of a stand-up mixer, whisk the white sugar and aged egg whites until they reach a stiff, dry peak.  They should be firm and glossy.  Quickly fold in the almond and coffee mixture with a spatula until the batter is moistened and falls back onto itself within 10 seconds, about 30-40 strokes. Fill a pastry bag fitted with a ½ in round tip and pipe 1 inch rounds onto the prepared pans, piping each shell about two inches apart from each other.  After piping out all the shells, place the trays in a cool, dry place and let the shells dry for 45 minutes.  The shells may spread ever so slightly, but a couple millimeters of spread is alright.  Preheat the oven to 275 degrees Fahrenheit.

4.  Bake the shells 18-22 minutes or until the feet have formed and the tops of the shells are dry to the touch.  Place the trays on cooling racks in a dry place and let cool completely.  Remove from the parchment paper with a thin spatula, being extremely careful.  Fill immediately with the white chocolate coffee ganache.  Pipe about two teaspoons of the ganache onto one shell and top with another, twisting the shells to distribute the ganache.  Repeat until all the macarons are made.  Best the day of, but are delicious if store in an airtight container at room temperature for the next day or two.

White Chocolate Coffee Ganache

10 oz. white chocolate, chopped

¾ cup heavy whipping cream

3 teaspoons instant coffee crystals

1.  Place the chopped white chocolate in a metal bowl.  Bring the whipping cream and instant coffee to a simmer in a saucepan, whisking occasionally.  Once simmering, remove from heat and let stand 1 minute.  Pout hot cream over the white chocolate and the ganache together.  If the chocolate isn’t completely mixing, place the ganache over a double boiler, whisking until smooth.  Let stand, covered, at room temperature for 4-6 hours or until the ganache is thick enough to fill the macarons.

3 thoughts on “Coffee Macarons with White Coffee Filling.

  1. Catharine

    I rarely ever post comments to pages that I visit but this is a special exception because I wanted to let you know that your writing style for this entry was such a delight to read – your personality really shines!

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