DC Empanadas (Truck).

What is, exactly, the appeal of food trucks?  Primarily, for the down and out college students, food trucks in their current incredibly gourmet incarnation offer delicious food on the—relatively—cheap.  In addition the tracking down of the food trucks each day is some weird mutation of the hunter-gather stereotype, except in the concrete and brick forest of Washington D.C.

Capitol Hill is some sort of parallel to the jungle, right?  The National Mall during the winter is most definitely similar to a wide open savannah.  (A mile and a half long savannah, but an open plain nonetheless.)

Food trucks, which seem to be the blossoming population on the Hill, combine all the fun of eating something delicious and hot on the street with reasonable prices and the added bonus of having to spot the blue, orange, black, pink and green trucks amid the inevitable D.C. traffic.  It’s a game and a meal for your lunchtime hour and even if you’re not particularly hungry, how much can a slice of pie or an empanada hurt?  After all, the calories you burn tracking down the trucks justify deep fried goodness.  As a side note, if I were the proprietor of a food truck, I can’t say I would be above a little stop and go action with the gas pedal.  Moving a couple feet forward and driving away from a line of costumers could only add to the amusement, right?

The thing is, even if the baby blue DC Empanada truck taunted me as I most surely would my own, imaginary customers, I would still go back for more.

Because, really.  You can’t say no to the Foggy Bottom, a hand held, nutty brown and piping hot sherry poached pear, brie and honey empanada.  Or cookie sandwiches of likes of chocolate cookie with dulce de leche or brown sugar poppy seed cookie with chocolate ganache.  Most importantly, in the frigid, horrible, exhausting winter months, steaming and spicy Mexican Hot Chocolate is never refused.

And this hot chocolate, dispersed around the city from a truck of all things, is absolutely the most delicious, thick and sweet hot chocolate you could ever hope for.  Hot chocolate and empanada dreams should be your new motto.

DC Empandas, a truck I’ll say rivals Dangerously Delicious Pies, only does creative empandas.  Divine Swine, a pulled bbq pork empanada.  The Taj Mahal, chicken tikka masala in a tomato cream sauce.  Thai Vegetable, peanut sauce and yes, vegetables.  The Royal, filet mignon, pate, mushrooms, shallots and a red wine sauce.  These are empanadas unlike ones you’ve ever had before.

Just imagine; you’re sitting at work when all the sudden, DC Empanada shows up on your twitter feed—I  know, I know.  Twitter.  But really, when the downside to not having a Twitter account is missing out on the whereabouts of ten plus food trucks, it’s really time to lemming up and jump into mass culture.  Let’s be real—and the light blue baby on wheels is blocks away from your office.  Getting there and back in less than 30 minutes is a likely possibility and, what do you know?  Your thermos has been emptied of coffee and is sitting, empty and alone on your desk.  What should you do?

Book it out of your building, hunt down the truck of dreams, buy a chocolate and dulce de leche sandwich cookie and fill your thermos up with Mexican hot chocolate.

What could be better?


2 thoughts on “DC Empanadas (Truck).

  1. hi

    Sweet blog! I found it while searching on Yahoo News. Do you have any tips on how to get listed in Yahoo News?
    I’ve been trying for a while but I never seem to get there! Thank you

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