New York (Two Little Red Hens).

There is a bakery on the Upper East Side of New York City where quite honestly, dreams come true.  If you’re slightly abnormal like me and spend time imagining baked goods, if pie and brownies dreams are at the forefront of your mind, then the Two Little Red Hens bakery on 86th street is quite honestly heaven.  Just imagine a homey, warm enclave on 2nd avenue, packed with tables, farm memorabilia and pastry cases.  Now add the most beautiful array of cakes frosted with explosions of lotus flowers, daisies, roses, irises, vines, sunflowers…I guarantee you’ve never seen anything so beautiful.  First time I’ve teared up in years.

On top of the most exquisite Brooklyn Blackout Cake or cupcake ever—moist and airy chocolate cake filled with luscious, velvety chocolate cream and topped with truffly, fudgy chocolate frosting and crumbled chocolate cookies crumbs for texture—there are any number of pastries, cookies and pies.  The Macadamia Nut Turtle Bar.  The Peacan Fudge Bar.  Lemon bars, apple pie, cinnamon buns, Linzer bars, cookies, cheesecakes…

There is a reason that lines frequently are out the door, even on cold February days.

Two Little Red Hens can be credited, in part, for the start of Bakelist.  It’s true, it really is.  Not that I’ll ever reach the bakery-echelons of the Yorkville establishment, but it doesn’t mean I can’t try.

For the train ride back from NYC to Washington, I had a little cupcake packed away.  And by little cupcake, I mean a relatively large cupcake that I consumed in front of many a jealous co-passenger.

Sucks for you, is all I have to say.  Should have gotten your own cupcake.

2 thoughts on “New York (Two Little Red Hens).

  1. Helen

    I am OBSESSED with the Brooklyn Blackout cupcake at Two Little Red Hens. I’ve tried many others and I always wonder why I didn’t just stick with the Brooklyn Blackout. Now I’m craving one! The bakery is indeed my idea of heaven…well, with a few more tables!

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