Big Cheese (Truck).

So about cheese.

It’s good, really good. From cheddar to Gruyere, Brie to blue, the only cheese I’ve ever met that I disliked was Stilton, straight out of the little ceramic pot. That was back when I was 10 years old. I likened eating Stilton to eating poop off the floor. Mature, yes, and also incredibly accurate.

The absolute best way to consume cheese is of course in a grilled cheese sandwich, perhaps accompanied by tomato soup.

So imagine my delight when Washington accommodated my cheese-needs with a grilled cheese truck. The Big Cheese truck not only offers up quality grilled cheeses using ingredients for cheese-geeks, (artisan cheeses like those from Cowgirl Creamery and locally sourced ingredients), but tomato soup and the newly added caramel hot chocolate.

The attraction of eating from a food truck is the duality of eating right on the sidewalk, the moment the food is prepared, and the proximity of customer to cook to the actual ingredient providers. Returning for the Big Cheese’s caramel hot chocolate after gobbling down our sandwiches on a fountain, the Big Cheese man called us out as we stood in the back of the line. Upon learning that we were there for not one but two cups of hot chocolate, Mr. Big Cheese exclaimed in delight. During its debut yesterday, the caramel hot chocolate only sold one cup he told us. It being delicious and the lack of purchase being due to an unfortunate lack of knowledge on the part of the general public, the Big Cheese man found himself drinking gallons of the stuff.

After a sip of the thick, rich hot chocolate, alternatively sweet and bitter in the way real hot chocolate should be, we were happy to take two cups off his hands.

The crowd at the Big Cheese truck is made up of those who truly love cheese. There are carefully laminated cards displayed in front of the ordering window as aides, which give details about taste texture, age, origin, and a quick little bio about all the cheeses used in their sandwiches. When the Big Cheese man motion to the card, one particularly informed customer brushed aside the suggestion to read up on her cheese before making the ultimate sandwich choice and said, “These cheeses are all my friends!” She knows her cheese, don’t show her the cards. Just give her a sandwich.

“This is the best part of my day,” was another gem from the grilled cheese line.

And after a little Mt. Fiji—Mt. Tam triple crème Brie from Cowgirl Creamery and sliced Fiji apples on whole grain—tomato soup and caramel hot chocolate, I’ll be honest.

It’s been the best part of my day thus far too.

Recipe on the following page.

3 thoughts on “Big Cheese (Truck).

  1. betsy

    HI Nina,
    a woman in my taiko group now lives in DC. You should meet her! She says the best cappucino is at:

    Chinatown Coffee Co
    475 H St NW
    (between N 4th St & N 5th St)
    Washington, DC 20001

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