I wonder, I wonder, where could I be?

Washington D.C.! (Rhyme. Ha.)

For the next 10 weeks, prepare for Food from the Capitol.  Or at the very least, lots of buildings and cappuccino shots…

Though I promise, raise your right hand, to provide at least a couple snapshots of food in the District over the next couple months.  Happy 2011!



4 thoughts on “Winter.

    • ninlin

      Nooo! Having sampled the cupcakes, Baked&Wired is the best Georgetown-area bakery (in my opinion) Way better flavor varieties (Chai Latte, PB, Mocha, sooo many) and absolutely delicious cake. I’ll post pictures, but really, skip Gtown Cupcakes….and go a couple blocks down M to B&W 🙂

      • Erica

        hehe, okay, I had just seen the tv show about Georgetown cupcake and they looked good but I’ll check out Baked&Wired instead 🙂

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