Apple Scrapple.

My heart is broken.  In fact, it is twice broken, both times at the hands of baked goods.  The first instance of breakage was after the discovery that my beloved Great Harvest Bread Company of Evanston, IL on Central St. is in fact just one franchise of a national company.  The coziness, the steamy windows as evidence of daily baking, the carefully weathered counters and wooden shelves, the homely-appearing colored-chalkboard writing, all lies.  Thankfully however, due to ample free samples and the strong perseverance of delicious yeasted goods, my heart was healed.  The realization that a national chain in fact means nationwide distribution of warm and rich Great Harvest bread also helped along the healing process.  Alas, my heart had been set up, only to be broken yet again.

A question.  What, exactly, is the point of having a Great Harvest in north Oakland if they have no Apple Scrapple?  To break hearts, apparently.

An Apple Scrapple is not, as a diner-savvy eater may assume, a slice of pork terrine studded with apples that has been combined with cornmeal and fried.  Though that does sound lovely, and good for the coronaries as well.  An Apple Scrapple is, quite simply, a round of bread.  Plush pillowy bread swirled with apples and mounded with strudel.  A heartbreaker if you’ve ever seen one.

So what is one to do, after a twice-broken heart?

Clearly the answer is to make your own Apple Scrapple, except better—i.e. more butter, more sugar, more streusel.  This Apple Scrapple is not so secretly a giant round of Danish dough topped with caramelized cinnamon apples that taste strikingly like pie filling, and then mounded with brown sugar streusel for good measure.  And because it’s bread, it’s suitable for breakfast.  Maybe heat a slice up and top it with whipped cream.  Or butter.  Regardless, it fixes up the lack-of-scrapple problem.

Of course it’s cyclical dilemma.  Once this scrapple is gone, the only option really is to bake another.

Recipe on the following page.

7 thoughts on “Apple Scrapple.

  1. mybakingempire

    I have never heard of an apple scrapple before, and it was probably for the best. It’s like you don’t know me and yet you’re trying to ruin my diet 😉 Definitely tucking this recipe away, seems wonderful for cold weather.

  2. betsy

    Wow! I have three comments:
    1. my brother and his wife owned/ran a great harvest in Munster, IN for several years
    2. great harvest is owned by the husband of one of my best college friends
    3. we have ACTUAL scrapple in our freezer (saved for special occasions) and will trade/sell you a pound….

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