Edamame and Carrot Salad with Rice Vinegar Dressing.

While Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday—it’s the food, it’s the warmth, it’s the signal that soon, yes very soon, the days will stop getting shorter—I have a deep and darkly rooted dislike of turkey.  The universal signifier of Thanksgiving.  See that over-sized roasted chicken and you’re immediately flooded with images of family, stuffing, gravy, and crab croquettes.  (Wait, what?  Crab croquettes are not a traditional accompaniment to your Thanksgiving turkey?  And there it is, little bits of the dining room table that recall very odd family traditions.)

So, the turkey.  When it comes down to it, the turkey is scientifically a protein, although I may not want to admit as much.  It is, after all, the gigantic, blundering cousin of chicken, it’s only good quality being that since it’s bigger, it has more surface area devoted to crispy, tasty, turkey skin.  Otherwise known as turkey bacon.  And no, bacon that looks like pig bacon but is made out of turkey is neither turkey, nor bacon.  Don’t insult you stomach—really your soul—by pretending as much.

Back to protein, sometimes it’s a pain to prepare.  Primary example: Thanksgiving.  Hours devoted to a fat waddling creature that even my mother can not make delicious enough for me to consider as a true protein, that special category reserved for bacon, beef, pork, lamb, baby beef, duck and some underwater creatures.  So why, dear god, why, if I do not consider poultry a protein will I present edamame, a plant as a viable source for protein?  Hypocrite you may cry!  Well, the answer is easy.


If it’s dressed like a salad, called a salad, and is, most importantly green, then it must be a salad.  A sweet, crunchy, and refreshing salad consisting of vegetables available year-round which tastes deliciously fresh enough to recall summer.  But, most importantly for a malnourished college student, edamame is an excellent source of protein.  So if I pretend really hard that I’m not actually eating protein—which is more difficult to do when you are the one preparing the food you eat—then I can have my protein in an easy, healthy and cheap way without sacrificing my ridiculous principles.

As a plus, post-feast, this super quick salad is a very nice way to come off the overstuffed and plumped up high that is Thanksgiving.

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