Chocolate Gateau.

While I can say, with absolute certainty, that I have never met a cake batter I didn’t like, there have been plenty of cakes post-oven that fall short of their liquid pre-cooked potential.  The disappointment is similar to that of a child just failing to reach their goals, and as the cake-parent, the post-bake is often times disheartening.  Leave it to the French then, to outdo my American cake-child—and yes, if you have realized, cakes are very, very similar to potential children in my mind, creepiness notwithstanding—and to create the most simple, elegant, and understated of chocolate cakes.

This Chocolate Gateau, which literally translates into ‘Chocolate Cake,’ is not the overblown three-storied filled and frosted cake monster typically found across the board in pastry cases and in those cute little pink and white cardboard boxes.  This is a single-layered cake, unfrosted, but richer and more decadent than any tower of cake could be.  The trick is in the egg whites.

The Gateau utilizes what is essentially a brownie base except in the last stage one beats the egg whites to stiff peaks and then folds them into the batter, creating a light and incredibly most cake.  It is a very fudgy, brownie-like cake, but it dances along the line of a soufflé.  It’s perfect, it really is.  Unfrosted and unadorned, I’d take it over any other cake.

As with all great recipes, this particular Chocolate Gateau didn’t really come with measurements.

Add 4-8 big spoonfuls of milk. (Note the doubling of quantity.)

Add 3-6 big spoonfuls of flour, and stir until right. (The exact ‘right.’)

However, a vague and cryptic recipe from a graceful French woman is more times than not it appears, the foundation for the most perfect cake.

Recipe on the following page.

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