Whole-Grain Spaghetti with Edamame, Parsley and Garlic.

Some things do not go together.  For example, sandals, 40-degree weather, and bicycles do not go together.  Neither does soft, squishy human heads and sailboat booms.  Day light savings and non-self adjusting clocks.  The beginnings of Winter, and just about everything.  Peanut butter and potato chips, no matter how badly you wish for it to work, do not improve one another, contrary to the general theory that peanut butter can get along with almost anything.

It’s in this category of not-togethers where edamame and pasta ought to live.  Edamame, after all, are healthy little emeralds, fat and turgid and chock-full of protein.  The miracle food of the skinny Japanese.  Pasta, as some will have you believe, is the carbo-loaded devil in thin little strands.  The livelihood and source of happiness for those jolly Italians.  They should not get along, let alone taste good.  But leave it to a health recipe to tie them together in what is deliciously hot and flavorful pasta.  Take a bite, and where you would expect an odd clash of crunchy, hippie protein and nutty whole-grain pasta, you get a nice complement between the sweetness of the pasta and the meaty-freshness of the edamame.  (Meaty and fresh being another one of those contradictions.  Bakelist and Recipes for Health is also an unlikely pair, but what can I say?  If there is a picture of food, I click, and poof!  I’m addicted to Recipes for Health.)

Of course, I added a little butter.  I couldn’t help myself.  The butter was in the fridge, after all.  And there was a butter knife, right there in the drawer.  You can leave it out, I suppose, but overall this dish is very good for you, good for your soul, a little butter couldn’t really hurt.

Recipe on the following page.

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