Caffe Nute.

There are many things Italy can do apparently, and one of them is convert someone with a strong dislike of coffee into an espresso drinker.  It’s magic, I swear, that funny shaped peninsula filled with lovely sculpture, ridiculous amounts of silk and more than it’s fair share of pasta.  It’s converted my roommate, in what I observed to be less than a month.

Granted, said espresso drinker is a fan of drinks like Caffe Nute which really, how could anyone dislike?  You’d have to be made of the worst possible stuff in the world; you’d have to have a stomach and heart of coal, to reject a Caffe Nute.  Strong and rich Italian espresso combined with toasted hazelnuts and a healthy dollop of chocolaty espresso, it’s hard to say no.  It would be like turning away a child at Halloween, you’d have to be a truly bland and soulless person to refuse.

Not only is Caffe Nute a symbol of really everything that’s right in the world—yes it is that good and yes, if you were curious, coffee and chocolate can cure all the ills in life—but it means that next quarter, I get an espresso machine.  (Hint, hint) How can that be?  Not I, per se, but that lovely abroad roommate whom I tried all last year to trick into drinking coffee.  To bring over to the dark side, with mochas, little nods every once and a while, and blatant shoving of my daily coffee into her field of consumption.  All for not.  It really did break my heart.  But it appears that after spending a semester in Italy, you have to have your own espresso machine in the same way that you have to make your own risotto.

Italy, I love you.

Recipe on the following page.

3 thoughts on “Caffe Nute.

  1. Kim W

    Oh YES. Get excited for my return. None of this nasty American “coffee.” Your job is now to find out where I can buy legit Italian espresso powder in Chicago to use in my cute blue “moka.”

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