Tarte Tatin.

As it turns out, sugar and caffeine are not the sole components of a balanced diet.  Really, who knew?  That alone is my paltry, pathetic reason for the lack of sweet posts in the past two months.  Because, contrary to the image I try to convey in my everyday and blogging life sometimes, occasionally, it turns out that a person has to eat a little something else.  ‘Something else’ translates into those superfluous others: iron, protein, carbohydrates, meat, vegetables, maybe some salad, a bowl of soup, a sandwich, eggs.  You know, that little group of foods, i.e. the entirety of the Food Pyramid not containing sugar and butter.

It’s really very unfortunate.  Those other foods take up a lot of time and the desserts have fallen by the wayside.  Cover your ears, shield your eyes!  Say it isn’t so.  (But it is.)

About a month ago, after the lack of sugar became really too much to bear, I went out and bought 10 Crunch Bars.  Those milk chocolate candy bars studded with crispy rice.  And then I made a chocolate pound cake, covered the bottom with all 10 Crunch Bars and proceeded to make a little chocolate ganache – for good measure- to drizzle on top because every cake deserves a healthy drizzle.  It was an extreme and delicious ricochet effect, caused by the very unseemly lack of sugar.  Where, exactly, did it go?  It met its end in less than two days.  A valid sacrifice of an extravagant cake.  But while it was rich, sweet, moist and all things great that a cake should aspire to be, it was sloppy.  Take a second and imagine a dark chocolate cake that didn’t really want to come out of the pan, and cover it in a lot of chocolate.  Now imagine after 10 hands and forks have gone through it.

Not my most beautiful effort, but it set the groundwork for sweets and pastries to come and if that Crunch Bar cake was delicious, than let me take a moment to introduce you to this beauty, Tarte Tatin.  Elegant, rich, and the embodiment of fall it is in fact easier to make than said Crunch Bar fiasco.  Imagine plump caramelized apples atop a flaky and very, very buttery crust tasting better in fact than it looks.  And it’s a beautiful tarte.

Tarte Tatin is the upscale cousin of an apple pie, so yes, it is complemented extremely well by vanilla ice cream.  And it is delicious warm.  Or cold.  Or room temperature.

The best part is, it is made of apples.  Which are a fruit.  Which qualifies as a vegetable.  Which means that it really can be the main course in any meal, including dinner therefore obliterating any qualms I have about eating pastries for my meal.

Which is not to say I really have any problems with that.  At all.

Recipe on the following page.

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