Polenta with Chard, Bacon, and Wild Chanterelles.

Sometimes the Farmer’s Market just gets the better of me.  I don’t know how it happens, I swear.  It’s just that on an occasional Saturday morning, I can’t help myself and find that every little fruit, vegetable, or inedible apple (meant for display apparently, absolutely worthless if you ask me), causes wild dreams of pies, succotash, and fresh sautés.  It’s odd I suppose, but in all honesty, everyone wandering around an open-air market in the rain searching through gourds and stalks of brussel sprouts is probably a little delusional too.

Though mostly the average market-goer on a quest for granola ingredients—yea yea, crunchy actions, hippie children—does not mysteriously end up with $14 of wild Chanterelles.  My reasoning is that mushrooms are just too adorable to resist.  A little dirty from the recent plucking out of their soil beds and imperfect in an individual, cute kind-of-way, how could you say no to a box?  It was incredibly to resist getting both a box and a bag.  And another box.

To be frank, mushrooms are not high on the list of my favorite things.  I love them, of course, but there are many things I love more.  That morning however I had bacon on the brain, being 1. Hungry and 2. Myself.  It was also morning, which in general I like to associate with bacon.  Therefore, when I somehow ended up with chanterelles and a bunch—or two—of chard, I knew the perfect addition.  And it was delicious.  Take a guess as to what it was; your odds are pretty good.  You’re as likely to be correct in fact, as I am to end up magically, shockingly even, with large amounts of produce tomorrow morning.

Saturdays are really one of the best days.

Recipe on following page.

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