Roadtrip, Dish Cafe, and the Red Iguana. California, Nevada, Utah.

And you thought I’d never go back to school.  It’s finally happening.  A mini road trip.

(Yup, lying to myself.  MINI?  Yea, sure Nina. 2,129 miles and a total of about 34 hours is most definitely a casual drive. The kind of drive where one wakes up one day, makes moves, and three days later find themselves 6 states away. Definitely a last moment, small decision.)

The first day took my mom and me out of California—sad, don’t talk about it—and through Reno, Nevada where the Dish Café welcomed us with bottomless coffee, perhaps the greatest invention for the caffeine addicted, and a whole-wheat maple scone. Now this scone was perfect.  A fluffy and light whole-wheat scone is hard to come by and not only did this one taste nutty and mapley—making up adjectives—but it definitely tasted like butter. And I like things that taste like butter. After that it was through the salt flats of Utah and on to Salt Lake City. where Mormons don’t wear short-shorts on their temple grounds—this I did not know—and the moles at the Red Iguana fill all kinds of hunger.

2 thoughts on “Roadtrip, Dish Cafe, and the Red Iguana. California, Nevada, Utah.

    • ninlin

      You’re right! I was actually just in the Temple grounds where everyone appeared to be wearing long skirts….I’ll change it thanks!

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