Blueberry and Cream Cookies.

Blueberry and Cream Cookies, you taste like blueberry pie.  Blueberry Pie mixed with something a little salty-sweet and malty.  You’re chewy, crunchy, and toothsome.  And fun to eat.  So, so fun to eat.

On my last trip to the Momofuku Milkbar, after cake and sugar cookie soft serve, I left with a bag of cookies for later consumption.  Because, yes, I was full.  Full of sugar, and pork buns, and rice cakes, and noodles.  A couple feet out the door into the New York Christmastime winter, and that brown paper bag filled with Marshmallow Cornflake Cookies, Chocolate Cookies, Compost Cookies, that brown paper bag was already dripping with grease stains.  Grease stains at their most beautiful, of course.

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