Chocolate Cupcakes.


Cupcakes are hard not to love.  They’re just so cute.  To be honest, I only made cupcakes because I wanted to frost them with little soft peaks, and then have them sitting around on the counter for a couple days, just to look at.  I don’t really enjoy eating cake—batter, on the other hand, is never safe, I need to bake the batter immediately, lest it all mysteriously disappears before reaching the oven—but I just wanted to have cupcakes.

I am not a fan of cupcake bakeries.  Cupcakes are easy to make, too easy, it seems, to justify an entire bakery.  A cupcake truck however, is also just too cute.  Driving around, dispensing little perfectly frosted circles of cake, often time with absurd yet delicious combinations.  For me however, when I do eat a cupcake, I want it to be absolutely delicious looking.  It should be a crime to not eat the cupcake.  A perfect cupcake fore me is not pristine, with perfectly mounded frosting and painted discs, not covered in sprinkles, and not at the sweet price of six dollars.  I want a cupcake that looks like it should, small, a little bit of cake, and mounded with messy, rich, sweet frosting.  When the lid comes off the cake cover, I want the cupcakes to smell up the room.  And when I eat a cupcake, I want to get frosting on my nose.

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10 Responses to “Chocolate Cupcakes.”

  1. No recipe for that fudgy little cupcake? I have to admit, I love cupcake bakeries. It’s because there are so many crazy and unique flavors and because it limits me to a small quantity.:) I am a new food blogger and love visitors if you have the time to stop by.

    • 2 ninlin

      Second page is the recipe! And I do love new and unique flavors combinations..

  2. Your cupcakes look so Yummy

  3. 4 Hannah

    These look scrumptious! Which recipe did you use for the cake, Martha Stewart or Ina?

    • 5 ninlin

      Martha for cake, Ina for frosting. One of the few Martha recipes I haven’t been mislead on😉

  4. Delicious! Your perfectly iced cupcakes are making me very hungry right now! Can’t wait to try them myself.

  5. 7 Sara Angel

    i like getting frosting on my nose too:)

  6. Now I want a chocolate cupcake! I think I’ll give these a shot sometime soon. Yours look divine and the pictures are gorgeous!

  7. I feel like you are my New York alter ego. I just made Crack Pie and have the Blueberry Cookies on my list. On top of that I have been craving chocolate cupcakes all week! Your site could be very dangerous…

  8. I love that top! looks divine!

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