So yesterday when I said I magically found myself in the Dulce de Leche section of the Latin grocery store, that wasn’t entirely true.  You see, in terms of the ice cream I was about to make, the dulce de leche was an inspired, last minute improvement to the Horchata Ice Cream that really could only have been predestined by grocery store minions.  But, when you consider the alfajores my little sister was planning on making—the very alfajores that have been creeping around in the back of my mind—the dulce de leche section and I already had a predetermined date.

Alfajores are very, very sweet, but the nutty butteryness of the cookies and the deep toasty milk caramel flavor of the dulce de leche combine to make an absolutely delicious sandwich cookie.  With a little powdered sugar or toasted coconut on the side, these cookies are deceptively easy to make and exceptionally elegant.  Also, they’re sandwich cookies, by far the superior cookie in the land.

14 thoughts on “Alfajores.

  1. Heidi

    I have seen this cookie many times now and am always so tempted to make them. Your photos capture their deliciousness perfectly. Well, what I perceive as delicious, because I have never had one. I have been making my own dulce de leche (without really good success…just ok) because I cannot find it in a grocery store! Yes, even in the hispanic food aisle! Not sure what the deal is. And when I DO come across it in the store, it’s outrageously expensive and that’s too bad because it’s one of my favorite things to eat and bake with.

    So what recipe did you use for these cookies? Or am I obviously missing the link? I really really want to try making these now!

    Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Nina

      Great! Thanks for making them 🙂 Glad they are as he remembers!! I’ll pass the thanks on to my little sister, it was she who found the recipe…

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