Avila Beach.

The best way to go about an excessively long drive it seems, is to stop so frequently that you trick yourself into thinking that you’re not driving for a very long time at all.  It comes to the point where you begin to lie to yourself, just so that the traffic, the endless traffic seemingly disappears.  Or at least seems new every time it starts to back up.

“What, this traffic?  It’s the first I’ve seen the entire drive down.” Lie. Though if you stop between every clog-up, technically it can be the first.  When you begin to lie to yourself, that’s generally the time a new roadstop comes in handy.

And when roadstops happen to be down a long windy road that eventually end at the beach…though often times you’re tempted to just stay and lounge and never reach your intended destination.

Somewhere below San Louis Obispo and above Santa Barbara off the California 101 is Avila Beach, about a twenty block town lining the beach.  And every Friday between 4:00-8:00p.m. there is a beachfront farmer’s market, with spicy or grilled mahi-mahi tacos courtesy of Pete’s Pierside Cafe.  And yes, after lounging on the beach, eating tacos and drinking ridiculously delicious and overpriced mochas while enjoying local sugar confections like toffee and peanut butter dreams, the car is not less attractive than it was before.  But there is excessive motivation to get to the next beach location.  Or the next stand or truck selling fish tacos.

*So, in the completely anonymous honesty the internet allows, I will admit that I discovered Avila Beach while reading Sunset Magazine. Now, Sunset for the under 30-set is a little disconcerting, mostly because you do not have enough money or necessarily the patience to execute any of the activities, crafts, or dinners the good people at Sunset tell you to do.  With lovely pictures all taken mysteriously around sunset.  Also, Sunset is quite literally porn for the California-starved.  It brings to mind a moment when, sitting in our living room at school in Evanston a commercial came one promoting California travel.  My LA roommate and I rewinded, and watched it again.  A commercial.  Maybe I will use Sunset to interject much needed California when 20 degree and below weather is getting me down.  Confession number two:  I was reading Sunset will I was supposed to be working.  Don’t worry, it wasn’t mine.  I just happened to be within range of a well-stocked waiting room.

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